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This church traces its history to 1873, when a small group of worshippers gathered together at Chinquapin Springs (one mile east) to form Smyrna Baptist Church on August 16, 1873. Though records have not been preserved, tradition suggests that a Methodist Church was organized around this same time, and that both congregations used a small one-room log building at Chinquapin.

The Redland site was donated for church and school purposes by pioneer settler Hugh Blair. The log church building at Chinquapin was relocated to Redland as a union church and school until the present frame building was built circa 1887-90.

The Baptist congregation ceased using the union church building in 1907, when they moved to the Oak Flat community. After 1907 the union church was known as Redland Church and occupied solely by the Methodist congregation.

The Methodist congregation disbanded in 1964 and the building was purchased by a group of former members. The building is maintained by the Redland Community Center, Inc. and its board of directors. The building is available for special services such as memorials, homecomings, family reunions, funerals, weddings, and singings.

Area families who were members of Redland Methodist Church
Bane, Barron, Blair, Blanton, Bryan, Guy, Harper, Holleman, Johnson, Lowe, McCune, McWhorter, Moore, Pruitt, Walker, Whitley, Whitten

Area families who were/are members of Smyrna Baptist Church
Allen, Blair, Bradbury, Chapman, Gage, Gallaway, Griffith, Holleman, Johnson, Jones, Lyles, McCune, Milstead, Moore, Parker, Pruitt, Sanders, Scruggs, Sprayberry, Stanford, Vaughn, Wells, Woolverton
These lists are not exhaustive. If you know of others who should be added, please contact us.

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Photo circa 1978, from J. W. Griffith's Centennial + 5

Picture from outside, 10/4/08
Picture on inside, 10/4/08
Singing school at Redland


2016-17 Redland Community Center Board of Directors
R. L. Vaughn, President; Gene Barron, Vice-President; Ginger Shorter, Treasurer; Teana Robinson, Secretary; Don Gage, member; Dewayne Walker, member.

Past Trustees/Board members
Carol Arnold; Harriet Barron; Jessica Bridges; David Guy; Bobby Helpenstell; Timothy Hoover; Austin Johnson; Doug Johnson; Wanda Lum; Levie McCune; Charlie Vaughn.

If we've accidentally left off any past trustees, please let us know so they can be added. Thanks.


If you would like to support the restoration, upkeep and progress of the Redland Community Center, your donation may be sent to:

Redland Community Center
Ginger Shorter, Secretary
10866 CR 4232 W
Cushing, TX 75760

Make checks payable to "Redland Community Center, Inc".

Or for more information e-mail: rl_vaughn-AT-yahoo.com


1. To preserve and maintain the Redland Church as an historical structure

2. To provide a meeting place and recreational facility for individuals and organizations in the Laneville Community and surrounding areas

3. To foster a sense of history and community for persons residing in and around the Laneville Community

4. To set out and establish a long-term plan for achievement of the goals and aspirations of the corporation

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Singing school at Redland

Sacred Harp singing class circa 1905
Taught at Redland
By John W. Miller of Athens, TX